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Later this term I’ll be presenting in-progress work on populism and penal law at GMU’s internal speaker series, WRiPS. A draft of the paper is available on request. Nov. 6, 12-1:30 in the Johnson Center.

I’ve managed to complete a draft of my book manuscript, Democracy in Captivity. The Department of Politics and the Program in Political Philosophy, Policy & Law will be hosting a manuscript workshop next month featuring Bernard Harcourt (Columbia), Heather Ann Thompson (Michigan), and Vesla Weaver (Johns Hopkins), along with a number of UVa faculty. I’m thrilled to hear from such an accomplished group of scholars, and I know my book will be better for their input.

If you’d like to attend, send me a note and I’ll send along a copy of the manuscript. May 3, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the University of Virginia.

This Thursday I’ll be the discussant for Deborah Hellman‘s (UVa Law) paper “Measures of Algorithmic Fairness” at the Political Philosophy, Policy & Law Colloquium. Come join. Nov. 8 at 3pm in Nau 342.

I’ll be presenting a draft chapter titled “Prisons and Community Control” from my book manuscript at the Political Philosophy, Policy & Law Colloquium this Friday. I’m fortunate to have Dan Henry, an ABD in Department of Politics, as a discussant. Come if you can. April 27, 2-3:45 p.m. in Gibson 296 at the University of Virginia.

On Friday I’ll be discussing a workshop paper by Ross Mittiga (UVa) titled “What’s the problem with geo-engineering?” Come join. 2 p.m., Gibson S296.

I’ll be the discussant for Harrison Frye (UVa) at the Political Theory Colloquium this Friday, March 17. Frye will be presenting his *excellent* paper “Freedom Without Law.” 2 p.m., Gibson S296.

I’m presenting a revised draft of a democratic theory paper (“Democracy’s Internal Borders”) to the Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law (PPL) Colloquium next month. Oct. 14, 2pm, Gibson Hall 296.

In early October I’ll be giving a talk at Columbia Law School’s Center for Contemporary Critical Thought. The title of my presentation is “Democratic Exclusions: Prisoners, patients, and children in democratic politics.” October 9, 12 p.m., Jerome Greene Hall #546. [A video of me fielding a few questions after the talk is below.]

I’ll be presenting in-progress work on youth politics at the Chicago Area Behavior (CAB) Workshop with Cathy Cohen on May 8. Guild Lounge, Northwestern University. [Program available here.]

I’ll be the discussant for Jon Elster (Columbia) at the Comparative Politics Workshop on April 15. Prof. Elster will be presenting his paper “The Political Psychology of Constitution Making.” 5 p.m., Wilder House.