My Political Philosophy, Policy & Law (PPL) students graduate tomorrow… congratulations!




I’ll be moderating a panel featuring Heather Thompson (Michigan), Vesla Weaver (Johns Hopkins), and Bernard Harcourt (Columbia) at the University of Virginia School of Law this Friday, May 3, from 4-6pm. Come join!

I’ve managed to complete a draft of my book manuscript, Democracy in Captivity. The Department of Politics and the Program in Political Philosophy, Policy & Law will be hosting a manuscript workshop next month featuring Bernard Harcourt (Columbia), Heather Ann Thompson (Michigan), and Vesla Weaver (Johns Hopkins), along with a number of UVa faculty. I’m thrilled to hear from such an accomplished group of scholars, and I know my book will be better for their input.

If you’d like to attend, send me a note and I’ll send along a copy of the manuscript. May 3, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the University of Virginia.

In the fall, I’ll be joining the faculty of the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University as an Assistant Professor. I’m thankful for my time at UVa and thrilled to take this next step at Mason!


I’ll be presenting an article titled “Populism, punishment, and the taste for revenge” at the 2019 Annual Meeting on Law and Society. Come join. May 30 – June 2 in Washington, DC.



This Thursday I’ll be the discussant for Deborah Hellman‘s (UVa Law) paper “Measures of Algorithmic Fairness” at the Political Philosophy, Policy & Law Colloquium. Come join. Nov. 8 at 3pm in Nau 342.

Next week I’ll be in Boston for the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association.


Congratulations to the graduating students in my Political Philosophy, Policy & Law Capstone Seminar!

Wonderful news! My article¬†“Children, development, and the troubled foundations of Miller v. Alabama” has been accepted for publication in Law & Social Inquiry, the journal of the American Bar Foundation.



I’ll be presenting a draft chapter titled “Prisons and Community Control”¬†from my book manuscript at the Political Philosophy, Policy & Law Colloquium this Friday. I’m fortunate to have Dan Henry, an ABD in Department of Politics, as a discussant. Come if you can. April 27, 2-3:45 p.m. in Gibson 296 at the University of Virginia.