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I’m leading a year-long colloquium for political science students at the University of Chicago. A first draft of my syllabus is now¬†posted.

I’m teaching the third part of the three-part Classics of Social and Political Thought (CSPT) sequence at the University of Chicago this quarter. A first draft of my syllabus is now posted.

Next Wednesday I’ll be giving a lecture on race and mass incarceration to the students in Cathy Cohen’s¬†Contemporary African American Politics course.

Allen Linton II and I will be giving a talk this afternoon to students at Kelly High School on voter ID laws and the politics of voter suppression.

A draft syllabus for my course (“The Politics of Mass Incarceration”) is now posted on Chalk. The syllabus is publicly available here. [updated 3.23.2012]

Good news! My course idea for the PACE Institute at the Cook County Jail was just approved. Starting in October, I’ll be teaching a seminar titled Social & Political Problems.

I’m teaching a self-designed seminar in the spring titled The Politics of Mass Incarceration in the U.S. The course description has just been added to the political science course catalog (accessible here).